InterAmerican InterAction
Facilitating cultural, educational and economic exchange
North and Central Americans

IAIA (pronounced "Yaya") is a U.S.-based non-profit organization seeking to create ties among North and Central Americans, working together toward sustainable development. Based on the belief that people-to-people interaction is much more effective than large-scale development projects, IAIA volunteers:

  • engage directly in sustainable development projects,

  • work with and support other individuals and groups involved in projects in Central America, and

  • encourage North Americans to learn about their Central American neighbors and how they can help.

  • After six years of development work in Kekchi Maya villages in Belize's Toledo District, IAIA's two full-time volunteers left the area in January 2008. Though they and other IAIA volunteers remain in contact with the people who are running our projects in Toledo, our active on-site work is complete. The beneficiaries of our projects now have control of the projects, and two of the three internet computer labs we helped develop continue to function. They are in talented hands.

    Our relationship with the village has continued in the form of a high school scholarship program, mentoring and friendship.

    Thanks to all our friends and supporters who make our work successful.